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As a Libertarian candidate myself, I join with Madden in the fight for a new paradigm shift in America's political state. We need to turn to commonsense policy, based on the principles of Self-Ownership; we need to focus on fostering a truly free marketplace that flourishes and sustains itself organically, we need to protect Individual liberties for mature adults of all lifestyles, and we need to craft efficient, community-based solutions to our issues, which decrease dependence on our bloated State Governments. By helping elect Nathan Madden to the Arizona House of Representatives, you can not only influence your state's politics for the better, but you can also aid in inspiring more Libertarians like me and Nathan to run for office, and fight to keep the flame of Liberty Alive. I endorse Nathan Madden for the Arizona House, District #25. — Elijah Mack
Candidate for California's State Senate, District #21

Arizona needs honest, smart, and dedicated representatives like Nathan Madden in office. The people of Buckeye, if they vote for Mr Madden, can look forward to have a stronger economy, safer streets, and overall brighter future if they get behind Mr Madden. You've got nothing to lose. Vote for Madden. — Gabriel Mueller
Economics Instructor

Libertarians believe that the people they govern should have full control over their own lives. Nathan Madden would be a staunch defender of the rights of all Arizonans, and would stand up to bad legislation which would seek to undermine their basic civil liberties. Mr. Madden would be an incredible move forward towards a more free and prosperous Arizona. As a candidate for President, I am happy to give my full endorsement to Nathan, and hope Arizonans will give him the nod to start working for them. -Joshua Smith — Joshua Smith

Committee to Elect Nathan Madden
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